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Premium Version of Popup4Phone Wordpress plugin allows you to get extra features and support, so you can receive more leads and sales.

Extra features of the premium version (click to see details):

This title is loaded from tag with some CSS selector specified in settings, e.g. ".popup4phone-custom-title". For example, you have page about product A. You can add hidden block:
<div class = 'popup4phone-custom-title'>Do you have any questions about the product A?</div>
And content of this block will be used as title
This will invite user to send message to you on reaching end of page instead closing browser
This will allow you to change appearance of dialog/button
This feature allow to disable popup if element with some CSS selector (specified in settings too) present on the page. For example, if you want to hide Popup4Phone on WooCommerce checkout pages you can specify ".form[name=checkout], .woocommerce-thankyou-order-received" and Popup4Phone will not appear on these pages
It will filter messages from bots
It will make auto popup less annoying
Open on click to any element specified by CSS selector. For example, dialog can be opened by click by any element with class popup4phone-click-to-open
Popover button can be initially hidden to avoid distractions
You can use any icon for make call to action more attractive
Your requests will have higher priority

There are two licenses available:

License Lite Gold Platinum
Price 24 USD 48 USD 200 USD
Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Updates No 6 months Lifetime
Support 1 site for 1 month (?) 1 site for 6 months (?) Unlimited sites for lifetime
Order $24.00 – Buy Now $48.00 – Buy Now $200.00 – Buy Now